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In A Groundbreaking Move, The Federal Aviation Administration (Faa) Has Given Zipline International, Inc. The Green Light To Initiate Commercial Package Deliveries Using Drones That Operate Beyond The Operator’s Visual Line Of Sight (Bvlos) Around Salt Lake City And Bentonville, Arkansas.

Zipline’s Drones: A New Dawn for Drone Delivery

Have you ever imagined a world where drones seamlessly soar above, delivering essential items right to your doorstep? With the FAA’s recent nod to Zipline International, Inc., this is closer than you think! Taking to the Skies Beyond Sight In…

U.s. Considers Major Drone Sale To Canada 1

U.S. Considers Major Drone Sale to Canada

Boosting Northern Surveillance: Canada Eyes U.S. Drone Enhancements Heads up, tech enthusiasts and global watchers! The U.S. might just be gearing up to bolster Canada’s drone capabilities. The Pentagon recently revealed that the U.S. State Department has given the green…

Déjà Vu: Chinese Drones Under Fire, But What About Other Tech? Patriot K30T And Evo Ii Pro V3 From Chinese Drone Maker Autel Robotics.

Déjà Vu: Chinese Drones Under Fire, But What About Other Tech?

Are Concerns Over Autel Robotics Drones Just Another Echo of Ongoing Suspicions? Remember when Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd., aka DJI, dominated headlines as a supposed “threat”? They’ve been a fixture in every electronics store, representing the People’s Republic…

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