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60th anniversary of Renault 4 celebrated with flying Renault AIR4 drone

60Th Anniversary Of Renault 4 Celebrated With Flying Renault Air4 Drone

The iconic Renault 4 celebrates its 60th anniversary. Renault has created a unique flying anniversary edition of the automobile to commemorate the occasion. The Renault AIR4 eVTOL is completely electric and has a cruising speed of 93 km/h. The greatest altitude of the flight is about 700 meters. Renault intends to do flying demonstrations in cities all over the globe, including New York and Miami.

Felon with 29 prior convictions who shot down police drone with illegal firearm will be prosecuted

Felon With 29 Prior Convictions Who Shot Down Police Drone With Illegal Firearm Will Be Prosecuted

Earlier this summer a felon with 29 prior convictions shot down a police drone with an illegal firearm in Florida. A federal grand jury has indicted the man for shooting down an unmanned aircraft, and the United States Attorney’s office for the Middle District of Florida announced that he will in fact be prosecuted. If convicted the man could face up to 30 years in prison. This is the first time...