Walmart Expands Drone Delivery To 4 Million New Homes

Walmart expands drone delivery to 4 million new homes

American supermarket chain Walmart is expanding its drone delivery service to reach four million new households in six states (really?). Together with its partner, DroneUp, Walmart expects to make more than a million drone deliveries per year. The cost to…

Hextronics Unveils Docking Station For Dji M300 Rtk

Hextronics Unveils Docking Station for DJI M300 RTK

The DJI M300 RTK is widely used for industrial and security applications, such as asset inspections and surveillance flights. However, the trend is to largely automate such flights and have them run from docking stations so that they can be…

Dji Maintains Close Ties To Chinese Government New Documents Show

DJI maintains close ties to Chinese government new documents show

The Washington Post just reported that Chinese drone maker DJI maintains close ties to the Chinese government and received state funding, despite repeated claims to the contrary. DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer has always denied that it had received…