New Hampshire

In A Shocking Revelation, Homeless Advocates In Manchester, New Hampshire Report An Unsettling Wave Of High-Tech Attacks. An Unidentified Drone Operator Has Been Maliciously Dropping Objects, Including Eggs, Popsicles, And Feces, On The City'S Homeless Population.

Manchester’s Homeless Harassed by Drone Attacks

In a shocking revelation, homeless advocates in Manchester, New Hampshire report an unsettling wave of high-tech drone attacks. An unidentified drone operator has been maliciously dropping objects, including eggs, popsicles, and feces, on the city’s homeless population. Dam Wright, a…

Heat-Seeking Drone Leads Nighttime Kayaker Rescue

Heat-Seeking Drone Leads Nighttime Kayaker Rescue

An adventurous kayaking trip turned into a nighttime rescue operation when 69-year-old Mark Thompson found himself stranded on an island in the Saco River. The Conway resident and his son had set out on the river near Diana’s Bath in…