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Zipline Soars In The Disruptor 50 With Drone Deliveries - Aviation Regulators Need To Get Their Acts Together - Ghana Uses Drones From Zipline To Enable Faster Coronavirus Testing

Zipline Soars in the Disruptor 50 with Drone Deliveries

Zipline, an ambitious drone delivery enterprise, has earned the 25th spot on CNBC’s prestigious Disruptor 50 list this year. With operations spanning seven Countries — Rwanda, Ghana, the US, Nigeria, Japan, Kenya, and Côte D’Ivoire — the firm has made…

Ncdot Champions Unwavering Drone Safety

NCDOT Champions Unwavering Drone Safety

On the heels of National Drone Safety Day, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) urges operators to prioritize drone safety when piloting their unmanned aircraft systems. Inexperienced pilots and failure to follow safety guidelines can make drone operations hazardous.…

Droneup Invest $27.2M To Create 655 New Jobs In Virginia

DroneUp invest $27.2M to create 655 new jobs in Virginia

On Wednesday, Governor Glenn Youngkin announced that DroneUp, LLC, a drone services provider, will invest a total of $27.2 million in expanding its headquarters in the City of Virginia Beach and establishing a testing, training, and research and development center…

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