A Drone Interrupts A Firefighting Helicopter In Oregon

A drone interrupts a firefighting helicopter in Oregon

On Monday, a drone that was flying over a fire that was burning in Medford, Oregon, caused a firefighting helicopter to leave the airspace in the middle of a firefight. At approximately five o’clock in the evening, personnel from Jackson…

Amazon Delivery Drone Crashed And Caused Fire Says Faa Report - Faa Approval For Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Fleet - Amazon Develops Flight Simulators To Train Delivery Drones To Avoid Real-World Crashes

Amazon delivery drone crashed and caused fire says FAA report

According to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) report, an Amazon delivery drone sparked an acres-wide fire last summer when it crashed in eastern Oregon during a test flight. During a test flight in June, the Amazon drone’s motors failed, causing…

The Oregon Drone Community Needs Your Help. Even If You Don'T Live There!

The Oregon drone community needs your help now!

I (and the drone community) need your help… If you’re NOT in Oregon, please read and take action anyway. Oregon is looking at possibly changing rules to fly drones in their State Parks. A local group is currently pushing hard…