Rhode Island

Groundwater Tracking Drone Used By Uri Researchers To Monitor Salt Ponds

Groundwater tracking drone used by URI researchers to monitor salt ponds

A groundwater tracking drone is used by the [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]University of Rhode Island researchers[/mks_highlight] to monitor salt ponds. Leaking septic systems, damaged underground infrastructure, excessive fertilizer use, and other land uses can contaminate groundwater. However where that water and the contaminants…

Drones Could Be Used To Monitor Beaches In Newport, Ri

Drones could be used to monitor beaches in Newport, RI

Drones could be used to monitor beaches in [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]Newport, RI[ [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]Newport City Manager Joseph J. Nicholson, Junior[/mks_highlight] is considering using drones to [mks_highlight color=”#ffff00″]monitor mask-wearing and social-distancing[/mks_highlight] on city beaches in the Atlantic coastal town.