The Drone Wars Of The Future: Why Taiwan Is Not Ukraine - Russia Scrambles For Drone Defense Amid Escalating Aerial Threats

US Sanctions Target Iran’s Drone Program Supporting Russia

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on entities accused of enabling Iran’s drone program, aiming to disrupt the production and proliferation of drones used by Russia against Ukraine. This move underscores Washington’s ongoing efforts to hinder Iran’s UAV capabilities, which have…

All-Girl Drone Team From D.c. Soars To Victory 4

All-Girl Drone Team from D.C. Soars to Victory

Aerial Arson Wins Prestigious Award at Drone Championships WUSA9 reports that Aerial Arson, an all-girls competitive drone team from Washington D.C., has won the prestigious Flight Operations award at the Aerial Drone Championships in West Virginia. The team, consisting of…

The Rise Of U.s. Drones Amid Anti-China Sentiment

The Rise of U.S. Drones Amid Anti-China Sentiment

In the heart of Utah, a small drone factory is experiencing a resurgence amidst growing anti-China sentiment. Teal Drones, founded by George Matus in 2015, has shifted its focus from consumer drones to military and government contracts in order to…

African Drone Company Revolutionizes Us Agriculture With Ai

African Drone Company Revolutionizes US Agriculture with AI

In a groundbreaking development, South African drone company Aerobotics is transforming the US agriculture industry by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a focus on fruit and nut farmers, Aerobotics’ innovative technology is helping improve crop yields and…

In Addition To The Drone Factory, Ukrainian Forces Also Carried Out A Strike On Russia'S Third-Largest Oil Refinery Located In The City Of Nizhnekamsk, According To Local Telegram Channels Reporting On The Attack.

Ukraine Strikes Russian Drone Factory 800 miles Away

In an unprecedented move, Ukraine has targeted facilities in Russia’s Tatarstan Republic, located 800 miles from the Ukrainian border. The attacks, carried out by drones on April 2, aimed at disrupting the production of Shahed-type attack drones and Russia’s third-largest…

Ukrainian Drones Strike At The Heart Of Russia'S War Machine

Ukraine’s Drone Strikes on Russia Continue Despite US Dissent

Zelenskiy Defends Attacks as Retaliation, Urges More US Aid In an interview with the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy vowed to continue targeting Russian oil refineries with domestically-made drones, despite the United States’ disapproval of the campaign.…

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