Drone News: Us Government Gone Wild 6

Drone News: US Government Gone Wild

Welcome to your weekly UAS News update. This is the “Government Gone Wild” edition. That’s right, we’ve got three more bills from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah, which actually has two bills, that would restrict drone operation. So we decided to…

Drone Misuse Leads To Arrests Near Washington State Prison 7

Drone Misuse Leads to Arrests Near Washington State Prison

In a significant crackdown on illegal activities, three individuals were arrested in Jefferson County on December 29 for attempting to use a drone to transport Contraband into Washington State Prison. This incident, dubbed “Operation Flight Canceled,” underscores the growing challenges…

The Drone Dilemma: Balancing Security And Industry Needs

The Drone Dilemma: Balancing Security and Industry Needs

The American Security Drone Act of 2023 (ASDA), part of the National Defense Authorization Act, has ignited debate over the use of Chinese-made drones in America. The Act restricts these drones, citing cybersecurity concerns. However, industry voices like Vic Moss,…