Data Security

Dji Trust Center To Enhance Drone Privacy And Security

DJI Trust Center to Enhance Drone Privacy and Security

In a significant move to bolster transparency and user control, DJI, a leading drone manufacturer, has launched the DJI Trust Center. This information hub aims to provide drone operators with a comprehensive understanding of the privacy controls integrated into DJI’s…

Anzu Robotics Takes Flight: New Player In Drone Industry

Anzu Robotics Takes Flight: New Player in Drone Industry

In a significant development for the drone industry, Randall Warnas, former CEO of Autel Robotics USA, has launched a new company called Anzu Robotics. The company aims to provide high-quality, non-Chinese manufactured drones to markets facing geopolitical concerns and restrictions…

The Dji Drone Ban - Who Is On Your Side? Auvsi?

DJI Drone Ban – Who Is On YOUR Side? AUVSI?

AUVSI’s Stance on Banning Chinese DJI Drones Now, AUVSI does not, and I repeat, does not support efforts that would bring about an immediate ban on Chinese drones. Michael Robbins, Co-CEO AUVSI Someone has some explaining to do. On February…