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Dutch Ministry of Defense trades civilian drones for military-grade UAVs

Dutch Ministry Of Defense Trades Civilian Drones For Military-Grade Uavs

The Dutch Ministry of Defense will purchase 16 million euros worth of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the coming years. Civilian drones from DJI and other manufacturers are no longer available as they do not meet the strict requirements set by the military. Instead, there will be tricopters from AtlasPro and a new series of Black Hornet nano drones from FLIR Systems.

Drone security concerns and how to solve them

How To Solve Drone Security Concerns

Former Congressman Jeff Denham and Bill Shuster, also a former Congressman who served as chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee from 2013 to 2019 that dealt with drones, published a very interesting op-ed on Morning Consult explaining how the current drone security concerns can be solved by looking at past Congressional successes.

Drone Amplified: Washington needs to reconsider drone-banning proposals

Washington Needs To Reconsider Drone-Banning Proposals, Says Ceo Drone Amplified

Washington needs to reconsider drone-banning proposals, argues Carrick Detweiler, CEO of Drone Amplified. He explains in an open letter why drones play such a crucial rule in monitoring, preventing, and fighting wildfires. Detweiler also argues for the U.S. government to create data security standards for drones instead of simply looking at the country of origin. You can read the entire letter...

Australian government is ‘comfortable’ with data security of DJI drones

Australian Government Is ‘Comfortable’ With Data Security Of Dji Drones

Over the last couple of years, various U.S. government officials and lawmakers have expressed concerns about DJI and the data security of DJI drones and possibly stored on DJI servers in China. DJI has always maintained that the drone operator is in charge of the data and can decide to use their DJI drones offline without risk of any data being transmitted overseas. Various studies some of which...