Drone Collision

Easa Reports A Significant Decrease In (Near) Drone Collisions

EASA reports significant decrease in (near) drone collisions

The European aviation authority, EASA, recently published the annual Safety Review. In that report, all incidents and incidents related to aviation in Europe are listed. The report shows that the number of (near) drone collisions has fallen sharply since 2018.…

Up To One Year In Prison For Drone Pilot Who Crashed Uav Into Lapd Chopper- Fbi Arrests Drone Pilot After Crashing Uas Into Lapd Helicopter

FBI arrests drone pilot after crashing UAS into LAPD helicopter

This morning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested a drone pilot from Hollywood on a federal charge alleging that he recklessly operated an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that crashed into and damaged a helicopter from the Los Angeles Police…

News Helicopter Likely Struck By Drone, Says Ntsb

NTSB reports news helicopter likely struck by drone

In December last year, a news helicopter was likely struck by a drone. The NTSB has come to this conclusion based on forensic analysis and crew reports. The mid-air collision forced the helicopter to make a precautionary landing in Los…