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FAA: Embraer 175 did not collide with drone, but with party balloon

Faa: Embraer 175 Did Not Collide With Drone, But With Party Balloon

Contrary to previous reports, an Embraer 175 that took off from Chicago O’Hare Airport last week did not collide with a drone, but with a party balloon. This is reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after an investigation. A sound fragment in which the pilot claims to have hit a drone was picked up worldwide by the media and caused a lot of unrest in aviation circles.

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Airspeeder drone crashes near residential homes after climbing 8,000 feet

Airspeeder Drone Crashes Near Residential Homes After Climbing 8,000 Feet

British aviation occurrence analyst AAIB has released details of a bizarre incident involving an experimental drone. A scale model of an Alauda Airspeeder Mk II racing drone weighing 210 pounds became uncontrollable, climbed to an altitude of approximately 8,000 feet, and then crashed just next to a residential area due to an empty battery. Fortunately, nobody got injured.

Drones strike airplane in Hungarian collision tests with minimal damage

Minimal Damage After Drone Strikes Airplane In Hungarian Collision Tests

Check out this video, in which three different drones strike an airplane in tests for the Hungarian Hub in Aviation, Two of the drones that are sacrificed in the test are Phantoms from DJI. The airplane that was used is an Antonov An-2. Some of the drone collisions took place mid-flight which is believed to be a word’s first.