Faa'S Remote Id For Drones Regulations Upheld In Court

FAA’s Remote ID for Drones regulations upheld in court

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has upheld the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote ID for Drones regulations. Tyler Brennan and RaceDayQuads LLC had taken the FAA to court over the Remote ID for Drones…

Q&Amp;A With The Faa - Pixl Drone Show #44

Q&A With the FAA – PIXL DRONE SHOW #44

Welcome to this latest episode of our PIXL Drone Show. This week, we talk to Kevin Morris from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)! Join us on this special episode of the PIXL Drone Show for an insight into Temporary Flight Restrictions,…

Aloft Introduces Notify And Fly For B4Ufly

Aloft introduces Notify and Fly for B4UFLY

This week, Aloft (formerly known as Kittyhawk) introduces Notify and Fly for B4UFLY on iOS, Android, and the web. This new feature is an easy way to notify other nearby drone pilots that you’re flying in the area by anonymously…