Unveiling Soon? Dji Air 3 Ads Stir Excitement 1

Unveiling Soon? DJI Air 3 Ads Stir Excitement

Ads featuring the DJI Air 3 drone have begun to surface in the world of online retail, notably from Amazon and B&H Photo. These newly sighted advertisements, which are now appearing in Google search results, spark speculation about the upcoming…

Droneup, A Walmart-Partnered Startup, Is Laying Off Workers Despite The Race To Dominate The Drone Delivery Market. This Move Was Confirmed On Monday By Two Individuals Who Were Let Go And Asked To Remain Anonymous.

DroneUp’s Pivot: Job Cuts Today, Expansion Tomorrow

DroneUp, a Walmart-partnered startup, is laying off workers despite the race to dominate the drone delivery market. This move was confirmed on Monday by two individuals who were let go and asked to remain anonymous. Established in 2016, DroneUp has…

Zipline Soars In The Disruptor 50 With Drone Deliveries - Aviation Regulators Need To Get Their Acts Together - Ghana Uses Drones From Zipline To Enable Faster Coronavirus Testing

Zipline Soars in the Disruptor 50 with Drone Deliveries

Zipline, an ambitious drone delivery enterprise, has earned the 25th spot on CNBC’s prestigious Disruptor 50 list this year. With operations spanning seven Countries — Rwanda, Ghana, the US, Nigeria, Japan, Kenya, and Côte D’Ivoire — the firm has made…

Brinc Drones, A Company Focusing On Public Safety Drones, Has Propelled Its 23-Year-Old Founder, Blake Resnick, Into The Realm Of Centimillionaires With A Net Worth Exceeding $100 Million. Brinc Drones Founder Net Worth Over $100 Million

BRINC Drones founder net worth over $100 Million

Brinc Drones, a company focusing on public safety drones, has propelled its 23-year-old founder, Blake Resnick, into the realm of centimillionaires with a net worth exceeding $100 million. The former Thiel fellow began accompanying Las Vegas’s SWAT team at the…

Dji Mini 3 - $469 Drone That’s Actually Good!

DJI Mini 3 Drone Now Available for Individual Purchase

DJI, the world’s leading camera drone manufacturer, has recently made its DJI Mini 3 drone available for standalone purchase, catering to pilots who already own a DJI remote controller.  Launched in December last year, the DJI Mini 3 serves as…

Florida Just Banned Autel &Amp; Dji With The Blue Suas List

Florida just banned Autel & DJI with the Blue sUAS List

So, the title of this video, “Florida is Banning DJI Drones,” is partially true. Essentially, they are banning the use of DJI and Autel Robotics drones, along with any Chinese-related drones, for law enforcement and any state agency. Now, why…

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