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Autel Robotics adds geofencing to EVO II through firmware update

Autel Robotics Adds Geofencing To Evo Ii Through Firmware Update

Autel Robotics launches new firmware and app versions for the Autel EVO II. Through the new firmware update, Autel brings geofencing and a range of other new features to the drone. It is important to point out that Autel will only send you geofencing warning notifications and will still allow you to take off. Unless the country in which you, fly requires Autel to restrict you. Not the end of the...

PIXL Drone Show #12 – Upcoming Autel Enterprise Drones

Pixl Drone Show #12 - Upcoming Autel Enterprise Drones

In this latest episode, the 12th already, of our PIXL Drone Show we talk to Brady Reisch from Autel Robotics. Join us while we learn about the new Autel Evo RTK, the VTOL Dragonfish, Autel and upcoming Remote ID requirements, the new Autel Smart Controller, the new Autel CEO, and Autel and Blue sUAS. Be sure to check it out on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.