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Dji Inspire 3 Leaked Photos Show The Drone Being Tested

DJI Inspire 3 leaked photos show the drone being tested

As we are nearing the launch of the DJI Inspire 3, more and more leaked photos are showing up online. Today, this photo showing the DJI Inspire 3 and DJI RC Plus remote controller was shared by DealsDrone, who also…

90-Year-Old Japanese Farmer Embraces Drone Technology

90-year-old Japanese farmer embraces drone technology

A 90-year-old Japanese farmer recently passed a drone training and flying exam. Mamoru Tanaka is sick of walking around his rice fields while carrying more than 60 pounds of fertilizer on his back. The goal is to deploy an agricultural…

49 Dji Agras T20 Drones Sold In A Single Transaction

49 DJI Agras T20 drones sold in a single transaction

Soon after DJI officially released the DJI Agras T20, Alpha Drones USA, and commercial drone distributor, Empire Drone agreed to the sale of 49 Agras T20 drones. The T20 is the successor to DJI’s Agras T16 agricultural drone.