DJI Osmo Action

Dji Action 3 Will Be Released In Mid-September, And Its Appearance Is Almost Same As Osmo Action

DJI Action 3 expected to arrive mid-September

The following photograph of the brand-new DJI Action 3 was provided by DealsDrone. The new action camera should be available for purchase sometime around the middle of September. On Twitter, DealsDrone said: “DJI Action 3 will be released in mid-September,…

Fpv Drone Video Shows Dji Store In Kyiv, Ukraine

FPV drone video shows DJI store in Kyiv, Ukraine

Check out this first-person view or FPV Drone Video of a DJI shop in Kyiv, which is located in Ukraine. The scenes in the video were filmed before Russian soldiers invaded the nation. The one-shot-like FPV drone video that was…

Dji Action 2 Information Keeps Leaking Before Launch

DJI Action 2 information keeps leaking before launch

New information about the DJI Action 2 keeps leaking before the launch on October 27th, at 9 am EST. On Twitter, new videos were shared, that show the action camera in greater detail. Earlier this morning there was even a…

Dji Action 2 Officially Announced By Drone Maker

DJI Action 2 officially announced by drone maker

Just now, DJI officially announced the arrival of the DJI Action 2 camera on Twitter. The photo seems to indicate that the magnetic design of the DJI camera is one of its main features. October 27, 2021, at 9 am…