Dutch Company Introduces Remote Id Addon

Dutch company introduces Remote ID addon

The Dutch company BlueMark Innovations has released a Remote ID addon with which the position of nearby flying drones and the associated operator numbers can be made visible on a smartphone or special receiver. In the future, such an addon…

Dji Automated Driving Tech To Be Used In Mass-Produced Ev

DJI automated driving tech to be used in mass-produced EV

DJI automated driving tech will be used in a mass-produced electric vehicle for the first time thanks to a collaboration with SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW), General Motors’ China joint venture with SAIC Motor and Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, a Chinese automobile firm. The…

Dji Fly App Updates To Version 1.6.5 For Ios Only

DJI Fly app updates to version 1.6.5 for iOS only

DJI updated the DJI Fly app to version 1.6.5 for iOS devices only. So if you’re using the DJI RC, which runs on Android, you will not be able to update the app just yet. DJI says that the update:…