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Zipline drones delivers corona vaccines for first time in Ghana

Zipline Drone Delivers Corona Vaccines For The First Time In Ghana

A great first in the worldwide fight against the coronavirus: in Ghana, a shipment of corona vaccines from AstraZeneca was delivered by Zipline drones to a remote village in the middle of the country in early March. The flight was operated by Zipline, which already has extensive experience in deploying drones for emergency medical delivery, including the distribution of vaccines.

Drone delivery startup Zipline is looking for a systems engineer

Drone Delivery Startup Zipline Is Looking For A Systems Engineer

Drone delivery startup, Zipline is looking to expand its team and one of the openings that is currently available is the position of a systems engineer. sounds interesting to you? Well, keep reading! Btw – Zipline is one of, if not the coolest drone delivery company you could be working for. These guys have an outstanding track record of making more than 62,000 deliveries in countries like...

Walmart partners with Zipline for drone delivery in the United States

Walmart Partners With Zipline For Drone Delivery In The United States

In an exciting news release today, Walmarts announces that it has teamed up with Zipline to deliver packages in a way that is convenient, fast, and safe, i.e. delivery by drone. Zipline was recently approved to start testing its drone delivery service in North Carolina. In an effort to keep up with Amazon, Walmart has started testing delivery drones in Fayetteville, also in North Carolina