Drone Inspection

Gremsy Zio A 4K 30X Zoom Camera That Is Mavlink-Compatible

Gremsy Zio a 4K 30x zoom camera that is MAVLink-compatible

Gremsy, a company that makes gimbals and stabilizers, has released its first camera payload for customers in the professional market. It is called the Gremsy Zio and features a 30x optical-digital zoom camera and has mechanical stabilization. Sony’s 4K sensor…

Dji M300 Inspection Drone Shot At And Damaged

DJI M300 inspection drone shot at and damaged

An expensive DJI M300 inspection drone from the Dutch company Zero Gravity Drone was shot at with an air rifle by an angry vacationer last week. The drone was damaged and can no longer be used for the time being.…

Drones Will Help Totalenergies To Reduce Methane Emissions

Drones will help TotalEnergies to reduce methane emissions

French oil company TotalEnergies is launching a drone-based program to detect methane emissions in all its oil and gas companies. The global project will use technology for measuring greenhouse gases, called Airborne Ultralight Spectrometer for Environmental Applications (AUSEA). Drones with…

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