Drone Light Show

Ehang Starts Drone Show Service In Europe

EHang starts drone show service in Europe

The Chinese company EHang has started offering drone show services in the European market. To this end, EHang has entered into a partnership with the Austrian event agency Concept Solutions. With the new Drone Pixel service, the companies are responding…

27,000 People Watch Drone Light Show In Coventry

27,000 people watch drone light show in Coventry

The drone light show in Coventry, which is part of the UK City of Culture celebrations, drew around 27,000 spectators. It was a gloomy night in Coventry, yet according to the organizers, 27,000 people came out to witness 360 drones…

Cry For Peace Visualized In Drone Show For Ukraine

Cry for peace visualized in drone show for Ukraine

A very special light artwork was realized in Rotterdam last week. By means of a short drone show, a dove of peace was projected, dropping bird droppings onto a tank. The tank then turns into a beautiful flower. With the…

Welcome To This Latest Episode Of Our Pixl Drone Show. This Week We Talked To Stephen Sutton, The Ceo Of Flyby Guys. Join Us While We Discuss Drone Consulting, Drone Light Shows, Logistics, Regulations, And The Drone Industry As A Whole.

Drone Light Shows & Consulting – PiXL Drone Show 47

Welcome to this latest episode of our PIXL Drone Show. This week we talked to Stephen Sutton, the CEO of Flyby Guys. Join us while we discuss drone consulting, drone light shows, logistics, regulations, and the Drone Industry as a whole.…

Drones Countdown Formula 1 Race In Saudi Arabia

Drones countdown Formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia

Drones were used to countdown the Formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia yesterday. It is believed to be the first time that a drone light show was used to count the final seconds before the start of the event. 

Pixl Drone Show #9 - Replacing Fireworks With Drones?

PIXL Drone Show #9 – Replacing fireworks with drones?

In this latest episode, the 9th already, of our PIXL Drone Show we talk to Nils Thorjussen, the CEO of Verge Aero about his company who specializes in drone shows and the use of unmanned aircraft in entertainment. Join us…

Drones Form Scannable Qr Code Over Shanghai Skyline

Drones form scannable QR code over Shanghai skyline

A drone light show with no less than 1,500 drones above the Shanghai skyline in China recently ended in a very special way. The luminous aircraft together formed a gigantic scannable QR code. Anyone who scanned the code with their…