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Drone show in China goes horribly wrong: dozens of drones crashed

Drone Show In China Goes Horribly Wrong: Dozens Of Drones Crashed

Drone shows are often touted as an eco-friendly and safe alternative to traditional fireworks. But that safety is only relative, according to a recent drone incident in Shanghai. There, during a drone show, dozens of drones suddenly fell down, resulting in several injuries. Although the show took place above water, shipping traffic was not stopped.

PIXL Drone Show #9 – Replacing fireworks with drones?

Pixl Drone Show #9 - Replacing Fireworks With Drones?

In this latest episode, the 9th already, of our PIXL Drone Show we talk to Nils Thorjussen, the CEO of Verge Aero about his company who specializes in drone shows and the use of unmanned aircraft in entertainment. Join us as we discuss regulation, waivers, drone swarms, and safety. Be sure to check it out on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Drones form scannable QR code over Shanghai skyline

Drones Form Scannable Qr Code Over Shanghai Skyline

A drone light show with no less than 1,500 drones above the Shanghai skyline in China recently ended in a very special way. The luminous aircraft together formed a gigantic scannable QR code. Anyone who scanned the code with their phone was directed to the download link for a new game. But not everyone is happy with the flying billboard.

Aerial artist creates detailed light painting with help of five drones

Aerial Artist Creates Detailed Light Painting With Help Of Five Drones

Light painting with drones is a fascinating art form. In essence, it comes down to carefully programming the waypoints and then taking a picture of the movements of the drone with another camera and a very slow shutter speed. Children of Darklight aerial artist Frodo Álvarez takes the genre to a whole new level with his detailed light drawing of a soccer player.

Rotterdam will usher in the new year with a drone show

Rotterdam Will Usher In The New Year With A Drone Show

To celebrate the New Year, the City of Rotterdam in The Netherlands does not opt ​​for a traditional fireworks show during the upcoming New Year, but for a drone show. The drone light show will not be performed live in view of the corona measures, but has already been recorded in secret in recent weeks. Just before the countdown time at noon, viewers can watch the final result via a live stream.