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New tech enables DJI M300 RTK to autonomously collect water samples

New Tech Enables Dji M300 Rtk Drone To Autonomously Collect Water Samples

SPH Engineering, a Latvian engineering business, has created a system that enables the entirely autonomous collecting of water samples using a drone. The concept is built around a customized DJI M300 RTK. The Latvian Center for Environment, Geology, and Meteorology recently successfully tested the system (LEGMC).

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The Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter folds up and flies like a maple seed

The Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter Folds Up And Flies Like A Maple Seed

You’ve undoubtedly seen a maple seed being carried away by the wind like a little aircraft. The same approach can be used to maintain a drone in the air, it turns out. The Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter (F-SAM) is a retractable monocopter that can spin around like a maple seed, according to researchers, and it folds up.

AI drone flies through dense forest at 25mph

Ai Drone Flies Through Dense Forest At 25Mph

Until recently, only well-trained FPV drone pilots were able to fly at high speeds in thick forests. However, owing to advances in artificial intelligence research, scientists have created an AI drone that can fly at 25 mph through a dense forest while avoiding any branches and other obstacles. The AI drone is unique in that it does not need to be taught in a comparable setting.

NLR VR simulator lets you experience drone flyover sounds in a city

Nlr Vr Simulator Lets You Experience Drone Flyover Sounds In A City

In the future, we expect all kinds of drones to be flying in and over our cities. For instance, drones carrying urgently needed medical items, or even electrically powered air taxis. Developments like these will only get off the ground, though, if there is sufficient social acceptance. That includes examining what the noise nuisance will be. But how can you study this future scenario while the...

Autonomous drones count Antarctic penguin colonies in record time

Autonomous Drones Count Antarctic Penguin Colonies In Record Time

Counting penguins is a difficult job. Research scientists need two full days to map the location of 300,000 nesting pairs of Adélie penguins on Antarctica’s Cape Crozier, using helicopters and hand-flown drones. Additionally, the flight windows for these labor-intense surveys are constrained by harsh temperatures, freezing rain, and snow. Now, with special software and autonomous drones...