Artificial Intelligence

Radar Drone Measures Ice Sheets To Predict Sea Level Rise

Radar drone measures ice sheets and helps to predict sea level rise

Understanding the processes that drive large ice sheets in places like Greenland and Antarctica is essential for forecasting the future of climate change and sea level rise. Enter Stanford engineer Thomas Teisberg and the Peregrine autonomous radar drone. The Peregrine…

European Liability Directive Should Protect Against Drones With Ai

European liability directive should protect against drones with AI

The European Commission has introduced a Legal directive to protect citizens and businesses against artificial intelligence (AI)-based products, such as advanced drones with AI. Based on the AI ​​Liability Directive, it should become possible to sue manufacturers as soon as…

About The Dji Reorganization And Firings In The U.s. - Dji Is Not A Chinese Military Company The Drone Maker Says In Statement

DJI to be added to investment and export blacklists

The Financial Times reported that Chinese drone maker DJI will be added to the investment and export blacklists this week. In total eight Chinese companies will be added to the list on Thursday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Ai Drone Flies Through Dense Forest At 25Mph

AI drone flies through dense forest at 25mph

Until recently, only well-trained FPV drone pilots were able to fly at high speeds in thick forests. However, owing to advances in artificial intelligence research, scientists have created an AI drone that can fly at 25 mph through a dense…

Qualcomm Launches New Drone Platform With Support For 5G And Ai

Qualcomm launches new drone platform with 5G and AI support

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm has launched a new drone platform that responds to the latest technological developments in the drone sector. To this end, the Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G platform includes support for 5G and AI. According to Qualcomm, the platform…

Sony Shows Footage Made With Airpeak Drone And Alpha 7S Iii

Sony shows footage made with Airpeak drone and Alpha 7S III

Electronics manufacturer Sony is working hard on the release of the new Airpeak drone, which is aimed at professional filmmakers and aerial photographers. In a new demo, Sony shows a number of images taken with the new drone, in combination…

Dutch Coastguard Uses Drones To Keep Swimmers Safe

Dutch coastguard uses drones to keep swimmers safe

In The Netherlands, a pilot project under the name “Safe coastal, beach and dune tourism” is launched in the province Noord-Holland to study how drones can be used to locate rip currents and keep swimmers safe. The project is an initiative…