Dji Back To School Sale Until September 22Nd 1

DJI Back to School Sale until September 22nd

You might not have noticed with all the DJI Mini 4 rumors flying around, but the Chinese drone maker is running a Back to School Sale until September 22nd. During DJI’s Back to School Sale there are significant discounts on…

Dji Air 3 Flight Test Review — Ultimate Drone For 2023?

DJI AIR 3 FLIGHT TEST REVIEW — Ultimate Drone for 2023?

Today, we delve into DJI’s latest drone release, the DJI Air 3, a cutting-edge addition to their product lineup, boasting many new features, intelligent flight modes, and an innovative controller. The aircraft presents a sleek design with foldable legs, reminiscent…

More Dji Air 3 Leaked Photos And Video Shared Online

More DJI Air 3 leaked photos and video shared online

The DJI Air 3 drone, still on the cusp of official release, has had new photos and video leaked online by drone enthusiast NGDrone. Giving fans a sneak peek, the leaked material showcases the drone’s Intelligent Flight Battery, the DJI…

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