Drone Dangers Calfire Warns Public Against Flying Near Wildfires

Drone Dangers: CalFire Warns Public Against Flying Near Wildfires

Keeping the skies clear for firefighting operations In recent years, drone popularity has surged tremendously. Yet, as these flying devices gain traction, they’ve presented new challenges, especially around firefighting zones. CalFire, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, is…

Drones Disrupt Firefighting Efforts In Washington

Drones Disrupt Firefighting Efforts in Washington

Washington state Firefighters are at their wits’ end. Drones, flown by curious onlookers, are hovering over wildfires, making their challenging job even more difficult. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) expressed its frustration with the public through a…

Russian Supersonic Jet Downed In Ukrainian Drone Strike

Russian Supersonic Jet Downed in Ukrainian Drone Strike

A flagship Russian supersonic jet, the Tupolev Tu-22, was reportedly destroyed by a Ukrainian Drone Strike, with photos of the flaming aircraft emerging on social platforms. According to the BBC and Ukrainian media outlets, the aircraft, which had been significantly…

New Bills Propel Drones In Wildfire Fights - Faa'S Laanc Compliance Rate Is Only 20 To 30 Percent, According To Aloft Study - Faa To Survey Drone Pilot Fatigue And Rest For Future Rulemaking

New Bills Propel Drones in Wildfire Fights

In a bid to ramp up the battle against wildfires, drones are soaring onto the scene, thanks to federal lawmakers’ initiatives. Yet, the bureaucratic entanglements around regulations and procurement pose significant challenges, prompting Congress to bolster unmanned aircraft’s use for…

Teen Drone Pilot Turns Lifesaver In Colorado

Teen Drone Pilot Turns Lifesaver in Colorado

On Saturday, a teenage drone pilot in rural Colorado became an unlikely hero when his flying device stumbled upon a disturbing sight – an SUV, overturned and sinking into a floodwater-filled sinkhole. This harrowing discovery by 18-year-old Josh Logue led…

Montana'S Bold Move Against Wildfire Drone Disruptions - House Approves Legislation To Study Drone Incursions On Fighting Wildfires

Montana’s Bold Move against Wildfire Drone Disruptions

Personal drone enthusiasts who’ve considered capturing wildfires from above should think twice, especially in Montana. This week, Governor Greg Gianforte signed SB 219 into law, joining several other states in criminalizing drone operations that obstruct aerial Wildfire suppression. The freshly…

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