Police Drones

Autel Drone Donated To Seaside Police In New Jersey

Autel drone donated to Seaside Police Department in New Jersey

The Seaside Police Department in Seaside, New Jersey, applied for a drone donation to the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program on 7 And now, the department will receive a new Autel drone, accessories, and Part 107 training to start…

Drone Team Aids In Locating Domestic Violence Suspect - In Arizona, Authorities Use Drones In The Search Of More Remains While Working On Tracing Several Body Parts Found In Remote Areas.

Drone team aids in locating domestic violence suspect

A 38-year-old man from Petaluma, California, was apprehended following an overnight search involving various law enforcement units, including a drone team. The individual was wanted in connection with a probable domestic violence incident and shooting. After an hours-long overnight search,…

Toronto Police Drone Program Is Hugely Successful

Toronto police drone program is the future officers say

Since 2016, the Toronto Police drone program used unmanned aircraft successfully to document accident scenes, monitor protests, find missing people, and more. The police department now has 24 licensed pilots and uses 16 police drones. Toronto police drone program is…

Thermal Drone Finds Missing Woman In Seconds

Thermal drone finds missing woman in seconds

An unconscious woman who had been reported missing was found by a thermal drone within seconds after taking off. She was found at the edge of a dark field near Leicestershire, in the United Kingdom