Cargo Drones: The Next Big Leap In Air Logistics?

Cargo Drones: The Next Big Leap in Air Logistics?

Houston’s very own Bristow Group is making some major waves in the world of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Once known primarily for helicopters, they’re now pushing the envelope with the introduction of some high-tech cargo drones. The Buzz…

Dji Mini 4 Pro Specs And Images Leaked - Dji Mini 4 Pro European Pricing Details Revealed

DJI Mini 4 Pro specs and images leaked

Several long-time DJI leakers shared the following images of the upcoming DJI Mini 4 Pro on social media today. The photos show the actual DJI Mini 4 Pro drone as well as the front and back of the retail box…

Dji Drone Drug Smuggling Attempt Thwarted In Jordan

DJI Drone Drug Smuggling Attempt Thwarted in Jordan

Jordanian Authorities Shoot Down DJI Drone Carrying Crystal Meth On Monday, Jordan’s vigilant authorities swiftly shot down a DJI drone attempting to smuggle drugs over its eastern borders. This marks the fourth time such an incident has occurred in a…

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