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Dji Mini 4 Pro Emerges In Imda Database

DJI Mini 4 Pro Emerges in IMDA Database

Another revelation has emerged regarding the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Earlier today, we came across a tweet by Mukul Sharma, who boasts a significant following on his X/Twitter account. The tweet displays an intriguing listing, purportedly from the IMDA database,…

Capturing Hyperlapses With Dji Mini 3 Pro During Tesla Event

Capturing Hyperlapses with DJI Mini 3 Pro During Tesla Event

Drones have undeniably transformed the way we capture aerial imagery. Their rise in popularity and technological advancements have led enthusiasts like me, Billy Kyle, to test their limits regularly. A few weeks ago, I found myself in San Luis Obispo,…

Pennsylvania Rogue Drone Halts Pittsburgh Airport In Its Tracks

Rogue Drone Halts Pittsburgh Airport in Its Tracks

In a recent incident that raised safety concerns at Pittsburgh International Airport, a rogue drone prompted a brief interruption of ground operations. The sudden appearance of this unauthorized drone triggered a precautionary halt to all ground movement, throwing a spanner…

Is The Consumer Drone Market Dying In 2023?

Is The Consumer Drone Market Dying in 2023?

 Is the consumer drone market dying? No, that is not clickbait because it’s actually what it feels like. I just got back from CES 2023, the Consumer Electronics Show, which I’ve actually renamed the Cool Electronics Show because most of…

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