Dji: &Quot;Flying Drones Safest Form Of Aviation&Quot;

DJI: “Flying drones safest form of aviation”

Flying drones is the safest form of aviation there is, claims DJI, based on an analysis of public data on flight hours and reported incidents. In the past year alone, millions of flying hours were made with recreational drones, resulting…

How Do You Hide From Surveillance Drones?

How do you hide from surveillance drones?

Here’s an interesting article about how to hide from surveillance drones. In case, you’re wondering why this might be useful information, just think of the Department of Homeland Security drone that monitored BLM protesters or the Draganfly drone that measured…

Drones Have Risen To The Covid-19 Challenge

Drones have risen to the COVID-19 challenge

Drones have risen to the COVID-19 challenge as social distancing disrupted the delivery of supplies. During the coronavirus pandemic, unmanned aircraft have been used with varying degrees of success to disperse crowds, communicate social distancing messages, monitor people’s temperatures, spray…

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