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DJI releases interactive ‘Drone-Assisted Rescues Worldwide’ map

DJI releases interactive 'Drone-Assisted Rescues Worldwide' map

Finally, it is here! DJI’s Adam Lisberg once told me how much work it was to chase, verify, and compile the news stories in which drones played an often crucial role in helping to save somebody’s life. Today, DJI released a global map that showcases all the known Drone-Assisted Rescues Worldwide. 413 lives have been saved with the help of drones in 234 incidents in 24 countries as of today. This is a great initiative as it helps drive the point across that drones are not only the safest form of aviation but also help in saving people’s lives. I would add to this that in doing so, drones are still massively underused. Supplying more first responders across the world with more unmanned aircraft would go a long way in rescuing even more people.


Parrot Anafi Thermal SE outdoor tactical drone shows in new photos

Parrot Anafi Thermal SE outdoor tactical drone 3.jpg

This week new photos appeared online that show the Parrot Anafi Thermal SE outdoor tactical drone in greater detail and also side-by-side to its smaller brother the Parrot ANAFI. As we said before, this seems to be the perfect search and rescue drone.

Update with more info on the name and two different versions here.


Drones help locate 15-year-old missing girl from Mooresville, NC

Drones help locate 15-year-old missing girl.jpg

Drones were used by the Mooresville Police Department and Mooresville Fire Rescue in the search for a missing 15-year-old girl, who was last seen at the intersection of Montebello and Plantation Ridge Drive. This is the lastest example in which drones are used for good and often times help find missing people much faster than done by traditional methods.


The Parrot ANAFI UA – The perfect drone for search and rescue operators?

The Parrot ANAFI UA - The perfect drone for search and rescue operators?

Only a few days ago, we wrote about this tender from the department of the interior in France and how they are looking to purchase 651 drones. Part of the tender seemed to be specifically written for the Parrot ANAFI drone. Whereas another part of the document seemed written for a drone with a 30x zoom lens, which we (still) think is for the DJI Matrice 200/210. But then we learned about this drone that offers very similar capabilities but in a much smaller and lighter package. Check out the Parrot ANAFI UA from the French drone maker Parrot. Could this be the perfect drone for first responders and search and rescue operators?