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Blue sUAS purchased by Pentagon ‘8 to 14 times’ more expensive than DJI drones

Blue Suas Purchased By Pentagon '8 To 14 Times' More Expensive Than Dji Drones

Drones labeled “Blue sUAS” approved by the US Department of Defense are 8 to 14 times more expensive to purchase than the Chinese DJI drones they replace. In addition, users complain about the less broad usability of the Blue sUAS alternatives. This is evident from an internal government memo that has come into the hands of the Financial Times.

Parrot Anafi USA review: thermal inspection drone – Blue sUAS

Parrot Anafi Usa Review: Thermal Inspection Drone - Blue Suas

Do you want to conduct (thermographic) inspection flights within an urban area? Then the Anafi USA from Parrot is definitely a drone to consider. Because with its weight of less than 500 grams, the drone is currently in Open subcategory A1 (European drone rules). Nevertheless, the drone has a FLIR thermal imaging camera and an RGB camera with 32x zoom. But how does the device perform in practice...

Blue sUAS are only drones to be used by the U.S. Department of the Interior

Only Blue Suas To Be Used By The U.s. Department Of The Interior

Yesterday, the Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt sent a memo to the Assistant Secretaries and Bureau Heads informing them that only approved drones, so-called Blue sUAS are exempt from the PMB approval and reporting procedures, opening the door for the Department of the Interior to rebuild its drone fleet and start using it again for non-emergency missions. Updated with a response from...