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Blue sUAS purchased by Pentagon ‘8 to 14 times’ more expensive than DJI drones

Blue Suas Purchased By Pentagon '8 To 14 Times' More Expensive Than Dji Drones

Drones labeled “Blue sUAS” approved by the US Department of Defense are 8 to 14 times more expensive to purchase than the Chinese DJI drones they replace. In addition, users complain about the less broad usability of the Blue sUAS alternatives. This is evident from an internal government memo that has come into the hands of the Financial Times.

Citadel Defense wins $12.2M U.S. Department of Defense contract

Citadel Defense Wins $12.2M U.s. Department Of Defense Contract

The U.S. Government and Department of Defense have awarded Citadel Defense a $12.2M contract to defeat enemy drones on the battlefield and at covered locations in the United States. The decision to purchase Titan systems was made after extensive U.S. Government evaluation that assessed more than a dozen other counter-drone solutions.

Skydio, Parrot and other dronemakers approved by Pentagon for military sales

Skydio, Parrot And Other Dronemakers Approved By Pentagon For Military Sales

Today an article in the Wall Street Journal informs us that five drone makers have been approved by the Pentagon for military sales. Among the approved companies are . As expected the fifth one is French drone maker , that recently launched the ANAFI USA in a controversial marketing campaign.

US drone companies receive millions in recovery funds from Department of Defense

Us Drone Companies Receive Millions In Recovery Funds From Department Of Defense

US drone companies receive millions in recovery funds from the Department of Defense. On Friday, the department announced that it will issue US$84.4 million in funding through the Defense Production Act to small drone makers, shipbuilders, and a space company. Skydio is one of the companies that benefitted from the financial injection.

Parrot manufactures drone prototypes for Department of Defense

Parrot Manufactures Drone Prototypes For Department Of Defense

Parrot to manufacture its Short-Range Reconnaissance drone prototypes for the Department of Defense in the United States of America. Parrot has passed another milestone in the United States Army’s Short-Range Reconnaissance drone program. As the final steps of this selection process, Parrot will participate in an operational assessment to support an Army production award decision. In...