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The Truth About Dji’s Data Security

The Truth About DJI’s Data Security

DJI Facing Potential Ban in the United States DJI is on the verge of being banned here in the United States based on false claims and it affects everyone that uses their drones. It doesn’t matter if you fly recreationally…

Drone Photo Of The Eiffel Tower In Paris. Courtesy Of Gregory Bufithis.

ISIS Plots Drone Attacks on Paris Olympics 2024

Counter-Terrorism Expert Warns of ‘Moderately High’ Probability In a concerning development, ISIS extremists have circulated “detailed” manuals for adapting drones to attack the upcoming Paris Olympics, according to Matt Mooney, a counter-terrorism expert who spoke to The National. Mooney, a…

The Dji Drone Ban - Who Is On Your Side? Auvsi?

DJI Drone Ban – Who Is On YOUR Side? AUVSI?

AUVSI’s Stance on Banning Chinese DJI Drones Now, AUVSI does not, and I repeat, does not support efforts that would bring about an immediate ban on Chinese drones. Michael Robbins, Co-CEO AUVSI Someone has some explaining to do. On February…

The Growing Threat: Drone Incidents Over Crowded Stadiums 6

The Growing Threat: Drone Incidents Over Crowded Stadiums

A chilling hush descended over the Ohio State-Maryland college football game when a drone was spotted ominously hovering above. With the safety of players and spectators at stake, officials took immediate action, pausing the game and evacuating the field. Fortunately,…

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Security Alert: Drones Boost Border Crimes

Keeping a close eye on the borders is becoming increasingly challenging with the advent of Drone Technology, as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stressed in a recent address to congressional staffers. Highlighting the incident in Pittsburgh earlier this month where…