Do You Trust The Faa'S Drone Numbers? - Faa Publishes Airworthiness Criteria For Certification Of 10 Different Drones

We don’t TRUST the FAA’s drone numbers at all!

Yesterday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the latest drone numbers. The numbers caused a lengthy discussion on Facebook as many drone professionals wondered if you can TRUST the FAA’s drone numbers, and what can be done to increase the…

Dji Authorization Zones Vs Faa Airspace Approval

DJI Authorization Zones vs FAA Airspace Approval

Confused about the difference between DJI Authorization Zones (geo-fencing) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airspace Approval? Well, watch this video from Greg Reverdiau from the Pilot Institute where he explains the difference and what to look out for when…

Autel Partners With Uasidekick To Make Laanc Available In App

Autel partners with UASidekick to make LAANC available in app

Autel Robotics partners with UASidekick to make LAANC services available in the Enterprise Explorer app. This will make the LAANC application and authorization process a lot easier. And it makes you wonder why DJI does not offer this as of…