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DJI Authorization Zones vs FAA Airspace Approval

Dji Authorization Zones Vs Faa Airspace Approval

Confused about the difference between DJI Authorization Zones (geo-fencing) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airspace Approval? Well, watch this video from Greg Reverdiau from the Pilot Institute where he explains the difference and what to look out for when flying your drone.

Kittyhawk launches B4UFLY desktop app for easier LAANC applications

Kittyhawk Launches B4Ufly Desktop App For Easier Laanc Applications

Ever since Kittyhawk took over the development and management of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) B4UFLY app we have seen a steady flow of improvements that added new features to the app and made it easier to use. Now, Kittyhawk introduces the B4UFLY desktop web app that will allow you to submit LAANC applications, pre-plan your flights, and more right from your desktop. We...