Faa'S Remote Id For Drones Regulations Upheld In Court

FAA’s Remote ID for Drones regulations upheld in court

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has upheld the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote ID for Drones regulations. Tyler Brennan and RaceDayQuads LLC had taken the FAA to court over the Remote ID for Drones…

Yuneec Announces H850-Rtk Business Class Drone

Yuneec Announces H850-RTK Business Class Drone

Drone maker Yuneec has announced a new hexacopter drone model aimed at professional users, the H850-RTK business class drone. The system offers a flight time of up to 65 minutes and can be equipped with multiple cameras. Together with the…

Dutch Company Introduces Remote Id Addon

Dutch company introduces Remote ID addon

The Dutch company BlueMark Innovations has released a Remote ID addon with which the position of nearby flying drones and the associated operator numbers can be made visible on a smartphone or special receiver. In the future, such an addon…