Weaponized drones

The Netherlands Strengthens Ukraine'S Aerial Warfare Capabilities: Joins Drone Coalition

Ukraine’s Killer Drones Spark Debate on AI Rules

Ukraine’s deputy tech minister, Alex Bornyakov, recently unveiled a prototype of a drone that could identify and attack Russian “war criminals” using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This controversial advancement in Weaponized drones has raised concerns among Ukraine’s allies and highlighted the…

The Growing Threat: Drone Incidents Over Crowded Stadiums 1

The Growing Threat: Drone Incidents Over Crowded Stadiums

A chilling hush descended over the Ohio State-Maryland college football game when a drone was spotted ominously hovering above. With the safety of players and spectators at stake, officials took immediate action, pausing the game and evacuating the field. Fortunately,…

Elite Drone Unit In The Hands Of A Notorious Cartel 2

Elite Drone Unit in the Hands of a Notorious Cartel

The skies over Mexico have become more dangerous. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), one of the country’s most violent factions, now commands a unit of expert drone operators. Their primary mission? Transform commercial drones into deadly airborne weapons. After…