PGYTech Drone and Photography Gloves – Heated Gloves Are A Game Changer

What's up, everybody? Shawn here from Air Photography. Not too long ago, a couple of weeks ago, PGYTECH launched a new series of photography gloves and, in my case, drone gloves. These types of photography gloves may not be important to everyone, depending on the climate you live in, but for me, being Canadian, it's very important to have a good pair of photography gloves. And it's not just for flying drones, but generally, if I'm out and need dexterity and quick access to my fingers, it's crucial.

Whether I'm filming with a GoPro, driving an RC vehicle, or doing other photography, gloves have become very important to me. They have a nice collection now, and depending on the kind of temperature and protection you need, they offer their Professional Series, a nice set of fingerless gloves, and their Master Series. The Master Series is actually heated and kind of a hybrid, transitioning from a mitt style to a glove style. We'll take a look at that in a second, but let's start with their fingerless gloves.

Pgytech Drone And Photography Gloves - Heated Gloves Are A Game Changer 1

These fingerless gloves are quite nice. Today it's not too terribly cold out, just mildly chilly. You can see it's a bit foggy, but the gloves offer a little bit of warmth and comfort while still allowing full dexterity with all your fingers free. You can easily access your gear, and yeah, these are a nice lightweight glove, which can be important in some scenarios.

They're being marketed by PGYTECH for other activities as well, not just as photography gloves, but for cycling too. I actually used them on my e-bike the other day, and they worked quite well. It wasn't too cold, so the fingerless ones were just fine. You can adjust them to keep the wind out, and they offer a nice bit of protection. They're padded, and all fingers are exposed for good dexterity, especially for precise tasks and touching screens, which is very important. Of course, being fingerless, they won't cover your fingers on a cold day, so these aren't great for every scenario. But for a bit of protection, warmth, or extra padding, they're a perfect choice and not too expensive.

Now, let's take a look at the next series, the Professional Series. These are a really nice multi-purpose glove, featuring 3M Thinsulate and Hora lining, making them breathable. A nice feature is the drawstring to protect against wind getting in underneath. Again, we can tighten them up. They're padded and touch-conductive, so you can still touch screens and change settings. But this style of glove will keep you a lot warmer. If you need a finger or thumb exposed, perhaps for flying, you can just fold the back; they're magnetically held in place.

Pgytech Drone And Photography Gloves - Heated Gloves Are A Game Changer

You can also expose a third finger, so if you're doing photography or flying a drone, you'll have good dexterity on the sticks. For changing settings, if you fly a lot of drones in the winter, you know just how quickly your hands can get cold. These are a really nice set of gloves, very comfortable to wear and very warm. I've been out with these twice, and they worked quite well. All these gloves come in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

But these gloves here are their Master Series, the ones I'm most excited about, mainly because they're heated. Inside the glove, there's a little pocket that comes with a 4,000 mAh power bank for each glove. This can also be used to power other devices, like an action camera or phone. You can plug it into the USB-C port. That's also how you charge these power banks. I was out the other day on my e-bike for at least two hours, maybe a little longer, and I used half a charge on the warmest setting. There are different settings, which we'll take a look at in a second.

So, you can get an ample amount of power out of them. You don't have to use the heated portion if it's not too cold; you can leave the power bank at home and just wear them like regular gloves. On the back, we have our power buttons; press and hold to turn them on. You can set them to low, medium, or maximum warmth. Of course, a higher warmth level will deplete your battery quicker.

These gloves have a lot of nice features. First, they have a strap around the wrist to prevent accidental loss or dropping in mud or water. When you put it on, it's like a mitt-style glove, giving maximum warmth. The thumb is touchscreen conductive. We can tighten it up to keep the wind out. There's a small zippered pocket on the front for little bits and pieces. The nice thing is we can pull the top piece off; it folds around back and connects magnetically, transforming into regular gloves.

Similar to the Pro series, all fingers can fold back and connect magnetically. This is definitely your warmest option, especially if you use the power option. I used these on my e-bike the other day in cold weather. I've tried many different gloves for riding in late fall, and no matter what, your hands get really cold. Having the heated option was a game-changer for me. These are definitely the gloves I'll be wearing this time of year when I'm out on a bike.

I'll be testing how well they work on my e-bike. I do a lot of winter riding, and my hands always get really cold, especially after a couple of hours. These might work quite well for that. They're still flexible enough for use in the mitt configuration, or you can fold them up.

We'll test them both ways; I imagine they'll be warmer with the fingers tucked in. So, we're just going to go for a ride and see how they do. They worked really well, as mentioned. I was out for over two hours, probably longer, and my hands did not get cold at all.

They stayed nice and warm. I tested biking in both the mitt configuration and the glove configuration, and both worked extremely well. In that aspect, I was really happy with them. They might be a little bulky for some scenarios; some people might find them too bulky. But if you're going to be out filming in -10 to -20° Celsius weather, something like this is going to be really beneficial.

So, that's the new collection of photography gloves from PGYTECH. I'll include some links down below in the description of this video if you want to check them out further.

Thanks a lot for watching, and we'll see you in the next one.

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