Remote Id - Faa &Amp; Pilot Institute Live Stream

Remote ID – FAA & Pilot Institute Live Stream

00:00:00 – Kevin (FAA): Here we go. It’s 5 p. m. Eastern Time, 4 o’clock Central, and we have gathered some of the greatest minds here this evening to talk about Remote ID. I’m lucky enough to be joined by…

Russian Supersonic Jet Downed In Ukrainian Drone Strike

Russian Supersonic Jet Downed in Ukrainian Drone Strike

A flagship Russian supersonic jet, the Tupolev Tu-22, was reportedly destroyed by a Ukrainian Drone Strike, with photos of the flaming aircraft emerging on social platforms. According to the BBC and Ukrainian media outlets, the aircraft, which had been significantly…

Moscow'S Airspace: The New Drone Battlefield

Moscow’s Airspace: The New Drone Battlefield

In recent events surrounding the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that two Ukrainian drones ‘found’ themselves in Russian airspace and were swiftly brought down over the Moscow region. Residents of Krasnogorsk, a town in Moscow’s…

Drones Raise Alarm At Kelowna Airport In Canada - Dallas County'S Bold Venture Into Robotics And Drones Oak Grove Man Jailed For Drunken Rant Over Imaginary Drone Flight

Drones Raise Alarm at Kelowna Airport in Canada

Kelowna International Airport has been abuzz with more than just airplanes recently. Three sightings of drones were reported within the airport’s airspace in just a month. Drones aren’t new to causing disruptions, but when they fly near an airport, the…

Researchers Sound The Alarm On Drone-Plane Collision Threats

Researchers Sound the Alarm on Drone-Plane Collision Threats

Risks of collisions between drones and planes have been highlighted in a recent study conducted by researchers from Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Unmanned Robotic Systems Analysis (URSA). Breaking new ground, this study utilized innovative technology to objectively count close…

Is The Faa Killing The Hobby? — Remote Id Myths

Is the FAA Killing the Hobby? — Remote ID Myths

Public Service Announcement for everyone in the drone community: If you’re watching a video from someone who claims to have found a way to beat the system but isn’t a lawyer, guess what? They won’t be posting your bail, and…

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