Florida Just Banned Autel &Amp; Dji With The Blue Suas List

Florida just banned Autel & DJI with the Blue sUAS List

So, the title of this video, “Florida is Banning DJI Drones,” is partially true. Essentially, they are banning the use of DJI and Autel Robotics drones, along with any Chinese-related drones, for law enforcement and any state agency. Now, why…

Special Faa Waiver For Uaf Drone Research Program 3

Special FAA waiver for UAF drone research program

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Drone Research program achieved a significant milestone as it gained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to oversee unmanned aircraft flights for other organizations. Under the special waiver granted, the Alaska Center for…

European Drone Regulations Adopted By Switzerland

European drone regulations adopted by Switzerland

The joint committee of the bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the European Union on air transport decided on November 24, 2022, that Switzerland should follow European drone regulations and other EU laws. Drone pilots will be subject to new laws…

80,000 Drone Ids Exposed In Dji Aeroscope Data Leak Dji Helps The Russians In Their Attacks Ukraine Government Says Dji Responds To Allegations Of Role In Ukraine-Russia War - Dji Accused Of Limiting Use Of Aeroscope For Ukrainian Military. Dronemaker Denies It Vehemently.

80,000 drone IDs exposed in DJI Aeroscope data leak

In a data breach, a DJI Aeroscope database with information from hundreds of airspace monitoring devices made by the Chinese drone maker was made public. This database contained more than 80,000 drone IDs. The Cybernews research team has discovered an…

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