Drones Form Scannable Qr Code Over Shanghai Skyline

Drones form scannable QR code over Shanghai skyline

A drone light show with no less than 1,500 drones above the Shanghai skyline in China recently ended in a very special way. The luminous aircraft together formed a gigantic scannable QR code. Anyone who scanned the code with their…

Illegal Drone Jammers Bought On Chinese Trading Platform

Illegal drone jammers bought on Chinese trading platform

Although the purchase and use of jammers is not allowed in most Countries, it appears to be no problem to get illegal drone jammers via Chinese suppliers. This is shown in research by the magazine Engineering & Technology. Without asking…

Ehang Hints At New Air Taxi With 240-Mile Range 1

EHang hints at new air taxi with 240-mile range

The Chinese developer of advanced aerial vehicles (AAVs) EHang has hinted via Twitter about the arrival of a new model air taxi with a much longer flight range than the current two-seater EH216. The new EVTOL is rumored to have…

Shares Drone Taxi Maker Ehang Crash After Wolfpack Report

Shares drone taxi maker EHang crash after Wolfpack report

Chinese drone taxi manufacturer EHang’s stock plummeted yesterday after US investment analyst Wolfpack Research released a damning report on the company. In a few hours, EHang lost more than 60% of its share price. According to the analyst, EHang has…

Vincent Van Gogh Drone Light Show Breaks World Record

Vincent Van Gogh drone light show breaks world record

A drone light show that depicted the life of Vincent Van Gogh broke the Guinness World Record for the longest animation performed by drones. The show counted 600 unmanned aircraft and lasted 26 minutes and 19 seconds.

Ehang Offers Tourist Sightseeing Flights By Drone In China

EHang offers tourist sightseeing flights by drone in China

Want to make a sightseeing flight by Passenger Drone? Nowadays it is possible in the Chinese city of Henqin. Last week, 36 tourists made a scenic flight in the EHang 216 AAV, an electrically powered multirotor drone with room for…

Sky Drone Joins Nvidia Incubator Program

Sky Drone joins Nvidia incubator program

The Hong Kong-based maker of drone connectivity units, Sky Drone joined the Nvidia incubator program to develop AI processing for 4G and 5G connected drones. Sky Drone joins Nvidia incubator program The fact that Sky Drone joined the Nvidia incubator…