Dronestagram acquired by French drone stock image provider

Dronestagram Acquired By French Drone Stock Image Provider 1

Drone photography platform from the very beginning Dronestagram has been acquired by the French drone stock image provider HOsiHO. Dronestagram founder Eric Dupin reports this in an email to the users of the platform. The takeover will give new life to the already moribund photo platform, which was founded in 2013. Online Community for Drone Photography Dronestagram was the world’s first...

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NATO publishes two-year-old video of counter-drone program

Nato Publishes Two-Year-Old Video Of Counter-Drone Program

For some reason, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) decided to launch a two-year-old video of their counter-drone program. In the video, it is said that NATO scientists are creating a signature database of small UAVs to help countries develop their drone detection systems and counter-drone programs. It is unclear why NATO decided to publish the video on YouTube and Twitter two years after...

France tests anti-drone laser for 2024 Olympics

France Tests Anti-Drone Laser For 2024 Olympics

The French army says it has successfully completed a series of tests with an anti-drone laser to be deployed at the time of the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris. The laser system may even be deployed earlier, namely during the 2023 Rugby World Cup in the autumn of 2023. The laser cannon is capable of shooting a drone out of the air at a distance of one kilometer or 0.625 miles.

Judge cancels plan to monitor Channel migrants with police drones

Judge Cancels Plan To Monitor Channel Migrants With Police Drones

A French judge has canceled plans to monitor migrants illegally crossing the Channel using police drones. According to the judge, in view of privacy legislation, it is not allowed to film people on the ground without prior permission. Previously, the use of police drones to enforce corona measures and monitor demonstrations was banned in France.

Watch: Epic drone shots from an ATV freestyler

Watch: Epic Drone Shots From An Atv Freestyler

As you are used to, we regularly post beautiful drone videos on DroneXL. In 2021, we will broaden this tradition by also sharing “regular” videos that stand out for the creative use of drone shots. A good example of this is a short documentary about the French quad rider David Tharan. Thanks to the cinematic FPV drone shots you get a unique impression of his stunts.