Singing Drone Fails To Lure Orca Back To Sea

Singing drone fails to lure orca back to sea

An attempt to use a singing drone to lure a lost orca in the River Seine in Paris, France, back out to sea failed last weekend. The rescue crew used a drone that broadcast a whale song to no avail.…

27,000 People Watch Drone Light Show In Coventry

27,000 people watch drone light show in Coventry

The drone light show in Coventry, which is part of the UK City of Culture celebrations, drew around 27,000 spectators. It was a gloomy night in Coventry, yet according to the organizers, 27,000 people came out to witness 360 drones…

Trial With Sulfur-Sniffing Drones Above Cargo Ships Continues

Trial with sulfur-sniffing drones over cargo ships continues

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), in collaboration with the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, will deploy sulfur-sniffing drones over the Baltic Sea. The goal is to catch cargo ships with too high a sulfur content in their fuel.…

Dronestagram Acquired By French Drone Stock Image Provider 5

Dronestagram acquired by French drone stock image provider

Drone photography platform from the very beginning Dronestagram has been acquired by the French drone stock image provider HOsiHO. Dronestagram founder Eric Dupin reports this in an email to the users of the platform. The takeover will give new life…

A French R&Amp;D Team That Was Working On Building Traffic Control Software For Self-Flying Delivery Drones For Amazon Prime Air Was Recently Disbanded.

Amazon Prime Air quietly disbanded French R&D team

A French R&D team that was developing the traffic control software for self-flying delivery drones for Amazon Prime Air was recently disbanded. The online retail giant moved around a dozen team members into other positions unrelated to drone delivery.

Nato Publishes Two-Year-Old Video Of Counter-Drone Program

NATO publishes two-year-old video of counter-drone program

For some reason, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) decided to launch a two-year-old video of their counter-drone program. In the video, it is said that NATO scientists are creating a signature database of small UAVs to help Countries develop their…

France Tests Anti-Drone Laser For 2024 Olympics

France tests anti-drone laser for 2024 Olympics

The French army says it has successfully completed a series of tests with an anti-drone laser to be deployed at the time of the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris. The laser system may even be deployed…