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Thermal Drone Finds Missing Woman In Seconds

Thermal drone finds missing woman in seconds

An unconscious woman who had been reported missing was found by a thermal drone within seconds after taking off. She was found at the edge of a dark field near Leicestershire, in the United Kingdom

Longest Bvlos Drone Flight To Date Happened In The Uk

Longest BVLOS drone flight to date happened in the UK

Network Rail, a British rail management business, has claimed the longest BVLOS drone flight in the UK to date. Last Wednesday, a 25-kilometer flight was completed. The aircraft used for the flight was a SkyRobot FX10 fixed-wing drone outfitted with…

Loch Ness Monster Spotted In Drone Footage

Loch Ness Monster spotted in drone footage

A British canoeist may have unintentionally captured drone footage of the legendary Loch Ness Monster while paddling through Scotland’s Loch Ness for a long-distance charity canoe trip.

Micro Drone 4.0 Fiasco Investigated By Indiegogo

Micro Drone 4.0 fiasco investigated by Indiegogo

It was such a lovely promise: a drone small enough to fit in the palm of your hand that can shoot high-quality images and movies and has a high degree of autonomy. The Micro Drone 4.0 crowdfunding campaign debuted on…

However, Fpv Drone Pilot Andy Lawrence Takes A Very Different Approach: His Piloting Skills Make For A Very Refreshing Wedding Video. Check It Out.

FPV drone pilot shoots next-level wedding video

Let’s face it, a lot of wedding videos are actually pretty dull. The bride and groom get dressed, family and friends gather, then finally comes the yes, the cutting of the cake, followed by the necessary obligatory images of the…