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27,000 People Watch Drone Light Show In Coventry

27,000 people watch drone light show in Coventry

The drone light show in Coventry, which is part of the UK City of Culture celebrations, drew around 27,000 spectators. It was a gloomy night in Coventry, yet according to the organizers, 27,000 people came out to witness 360 drones…

Dji Mini 3 Pro Listed On Uk Retailer’s Website

DJI Mini 3 Pro listed on UK retailer’s website today

It seems that Argos is the Best Buy of the United Kingdom as it is not the first time the retailer accidentally listed a DJI product before its official release date. This time, the retailer listed both the DJI Mini…

How Can You Tell If A Dolphin Is Pregnant? With A Drone, Obviously!

How can you tell if a dolphin is pregnant? With a drone, of course!

Yes, it appears that scientists have discovered yet another application for drones. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen found that drones can successfully be used to determine whether or not dolphins are pregnant. The researchers discovered that assessing the breadth…