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Remote Id For Drones To Combat Wild West In The Uk Skies - Dji Mini 3 Pro Quicktransfer Optimized After The Latest Firmware Update - V01.00.0150

Remote ID for drones to combat Wild West in the UK skies

The United Kingdom’s government and regulators are drawing up plans to introduce Remote ID for drones to combat the current Wild West in the skies. Plans that are being made right now say that drones will have to have electronic…

Police Drones Transform The Way Lincolnshire Police Operates

Police drones transform the way Lincolnshire Police operates

Police drones are transforming how the Lincolnshire Police Department operates because they offer a more efficient and cost-effective way to do jobs that previously needed a helicopter. Lincolnshire Police in the United Kingdom has a team of 15 drone pilots…

Mini Dji Drone Records Successful K2 Summit

Mini DJI drone records successful K2 summit

The photographer Sandro Gromen-Hayes had a string of unlucky encounters with K2 in the past. During the winter trip in 2021, he was a member of Nirmal Purja’s team; nevertheless, he was not a part of the (all-Nepalese) summit group.…