US chopper pilots claim highly customized drone “performed like no other”

Us Chopper Pilots Claim A Highly Customized Drone &Quot;Performed Like No Other&Quot;

US helicopter pilots claim a highly customized drone “performed like no other” in eluding capture.┬áThe facts of an inquiry into illegal drone activities that occurred in Tuscon, Arizona, in February were published Tuesday by records obtained by a military, defense, and geopolitics website, the details of which suggest exceedingly unusual drone behavior.

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Gilbert police officers give drone pilot hard time for legal drone flight

Gilbert Police Officers Give Drone Pilot Hard Time For Legal Drone Flight

On September 24th, 2020, Mr. Gilbert Bystander (not his real name) was flying his drone near the intersection of South Gilbert Road and East Warner Road in Gilbert, Arizona. At this location, weekly BLM protests had been taking place in the wake of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor. Mr. Bystander was documenting the protests from a nearby location when he was approached by three officers from the...