Moline Police Boost Safety With Drone Use At

Moline Police Boost Safety with Drone Use at Mo.Live

In light of a recent change in state law, Moline Police are set to employ Drone Technology for increased safety at the upcoming Mo.Live event. The new legislation, Public Act 103-0101, signed by Gov. JB Pritzker on June 16, 2023,…

Illinois Boosts Police Drones Amidst Privacy Concerns

Illinois Boosts Police Drones Amidst Privacy Concerns

An eye in the sky may soon be the norm at parades and other outdoor events in Illinois, thanks to a new law expanding Police departments’ drone surveillance powers. Signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the law, which took effect immediately,…

Chinese Drones In Spotlight Amid Maryland'S Enforcement - Illinois Unleashes Police Drones For Event Security Dji Drones Pose National Security Threat Of Tiktok With Wings - New Dji Zenmuse P1 And L1 Payloads For Dji Matrice 300

Illinois Unleashes Police Drones for Event Security

In a bid to bolster public safety, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has signed a bill allowing increased use of Police Drones at public events. This decision comes just shy of a year since the devastating mass shooting at Highland Park.…

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