Dji Drones Soar Into Grand Rapids Police Strategy - Senators Ignite Crackdown On Chinese Drone Use By Faa

DJI Drones Soar into Grand Rapids Police Strategy

Grand Rapids, Michigan is gearing up to introduce Police drones this September. On Tuesday morning, August 22, the City Commission’s fiscal committee unanimously gave the nod for an approximately $100,000 purchase, accounting for eight DJI drones for law enforcement purposes.…

Transforming Midland: Public Safety Ascends With Drones 2

Transforming Midland: Public Safety Ascends with Drones

In a remarkable display of the technological advancements impacting local services, the Midland Fire Department showcased its new fleet of drones, including Chinese Autel Robotics drones, to the Midland City Council members in a special meeting held Monday evening at…

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