Aerial Recklessness: Laguna Beach Man'S Drone Antics Lead To Probation Sentence - Drone Debate Ignites Privacy Concerns In Michigan - Drone Helps Rescue Mother

Drone Debate Ignites Privacy Concerns in Michigan

Michigan finds itself amidst a riveting debate: should officials need a warrant to surveil residents’ properties using drones? This question buzzed into the state’s highest court, where justices grappled with the implications of Drone Technology on privacy rights. A Backyard…

Dji Drones Soar Into Grand Rapids Police Strategy - Senators Ignite Crackdown On Chinese Drone Use By Faa

DJI Drones Soar into Grand Rapids Police Strategy

Grand Rapids, Michigan is gearing up to introduce Police drones this September. On Tuesday morning, August 22, the City Commission’s fiscal committee unanimously gave the nod for an approximately $100,000 purchase, accounting for eight DJI drones for law enforcement purposes.…