The Dji Drone Ban - Who Is On Your Side? Auvsi?

DJI Drone Ban – Who Is On YOUR Side? AUVSI?

AUVSI’s Stance on Banning Chinese DJI Drones Now, AUVSI does not, and I repeat, does not support efforts that would bring about an immediate ban on Chinese drones. Michael Robbins, Co-CEO AUVSI Someone has some explaining to do. On February…

Drone News: Us Government Gone Wild 3

Drone News: US Government Gone Wild

Welcome to your weekly UAS News update. This is the “Government Gone Wild” edition. That’s right, we’ve got three more bills from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah, which actually has two bills, that would restrict drone operation. So we decided to…

Drone-Assisted Sting Nabs Drug Trafficker

Drone-Assisted Sting Nabs Drug Trafficker

In a recent breakthrough, a Sedalia woman has been arrested and charged with second-degree drug trafficking following a meticulously planned drone-assisted Police operation. Sedalia Police executed a search warrant on June 7 at a property situated in the 2800 block…