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New Jersey town aims to regulate airspace and restrict drones

New Jersey Town Aims To Regulate Airspace And Restrict Drones - Dji Mavic 2 Firmware Update Increases Range To 6 Miles For Both Pro And Zoom Models

The New Jersey town of Westwood mistakenly aims to regulate the airspace below 400 feet and restrict the use of drones. Only the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can regulate airspace. Cities, towns, and villages can only restrict where drones can take off and land. For instance in city parks. Keep reading for all the details in this story, that will likely drive you up the wall. Vic Moss...

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Wyckoff Police use drones for good with Birthday Drive-By program

Wyckoff Police Use Drones For Good With Birthday Drive-By Program

This is a really nice story. The Wyckoff Police in New Jersey, use drones for good with their highly successful Birthday Drive-By program. Based on the number of videos they have shared on Facebook, it seems that they just recently started this program, meanwhile that have over 70 Birthday Drive-By’s more scheduled! As you can imagine the kids really love it!

Elizabeth Police Department receives five DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drones

Elizabeth Police Department Receives Five Dji Mavic 2 Enterprise Drones

The Elizabeth Police Department in New Jersey receives five new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drones as part of the recently launched DJI U.S. Disaster Relief Program. These new DJI drones will be flown around the city of Elizabeth with an automated message from the Mayor telling you to STOP gathering, disperse and go home in an effort to halt the spreading Coronavirus.