FAA grounds FOX News drone documenting illegal immigrants

Faa Grounds Fox News Drone Documenting Illegal Immigrants

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the city of Del Rio, TX for “special security reasons.” The TFR grounded a FOX News drone that was used to document the more than 10,000 illegal immigrants that are waiting for asylum under the Del Rio International Bridge. Updated: The FAA released a statement on 9/17 saying that FOXNews had...

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PIXL Drone Show #18 – Austin TX Public Safety Unmanned Systems

Pixl Drone Show #18 - Austin Tx Public Safety Unmanned Systems

In this latest episode of our PIXL Drone Show, we talk with Coitt Kessler from Austin Fire Department and Adam Johnson from Austin/Travis County EMS about Public Safety Unmanned Systems, first responder training on UAS, other unmanned systems, and some tips and tricks on starting your own program. Be sure to check it out on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Avigation easements slow down drone adoption & innovation

Avigation Easements Could Slow Down Drone Adoption And Innovation - Dji Matrice 300 Rtk And Other Enterprise Drones Sold Directly Online, Cutting Out Dealers

Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and West Virginia have introduced legislation that could slow down drone innovation and adoption if passed. Drone operations could be regulated by the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) or local governments through so-called ‘avigation easements’ that explain the right to use the airspace over a certain property.

Political candidate shoots at ‘Chinese communist drones’ flying over her property in Texas

Political Candidate Shoots At 'Chinese Communist Drones' Flying Over Her Property In Texas

In a video on social media, political candidate Shelley Luther (R-TX) shoots at “Chinese communist drones” flying over her property. The video is made to promote Luther’s candidacy for the Texas State Senate, and in it, she claims that Drew Springer (R-TX) wrote a bill “to let Chinese drones conduct sweeping surveillance in Texas on our critical infrastructure, even...