Delivery by Drone

Google’s Wing Starts World’s First Mall-To-Home Drone Delivery Service

Wing’s 2023: A Milestone Year for Scaling Drone Operations

Unprecedented Growth and Innovation in Drone Delivery 2023 has marked a pivotal year for Wing, characterized by significant advancements and partnerships in the drone delivery industry. The company has not only developed innovative technology systems like modular, portable nests and…

Plano Ponders Pioneering Drone Delivery And Air Taxi Services - Walmart Ready For Drone Delivery At Scale With Multi-Carrier 5G Approach - Walmart Tests Delivery Drones In Effort To Keep Up With Amazon

Plano Ponders Pioneering Drone Delivery and Air Taxi Services

The Future of Delivery and Transit Takes Flight in Plano Plano City Council is poised to revolutionize local transportation and delivery services by considering zoning amendments to accommodate commercial drone delivery hubs and Air Taxi operations. This forward-thinking move could…

Zipline Drone Deliveries Change Rwanda Healthcare Logistics

Zipline Drone Deliveries Change Rwanda’s Healthcare Logistics

As Rwanda strides towards fortifying its healthcare infrastructure, Zipline, the trailblazing drone delivery startup, has emerged as a linchpin in this transformative journey. Partnering with the Rwandan government, Zipline has undertaken the colossal mission of executing nearly 2 million instant…