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Drones needed to study thousands of prehistoric paintings in Amazon forest

Drones Needed To Study Thousands Of Prehistoric Paintings In Amazon Forest

In a remote part of the Amazon Rain forest in Colombia, thousands of prehistoric paintings of animals and humans have been found. The discovery is hailed as the “the Sistine Chapel of the ancients”, and is one of the world’s largest collections of ancient rock art. The paintings were created up to 12,500 years ago and some of them are so high up the cliff faces that drones will be needed to study...

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Drone photo shows World War II dike breach in The Netherlands

Drone Photo Shows World War Ii Dike Breach In The Netherlands

This morning I came across this photo on Facebook and wanted to share it with you. Eventhough it is not an article for the drone news category, I do think it is very interesting how drones give us a new perspective on historic events. This drone photo shows a World War II dike breach in The Netherlands, that flooded the Wieringermeer polder (reclaimed land) with 12 feet of water.