Dji M300 Inspection Drone Shot At And Damaged

DJI M300 inspection drone shot at and damaged

An expensive DJI M300 inspection drone from the Dutch company Zero Gravity Drone was shot at with an air rifle by an angry vacationer last week. The drone was damaged and can no longer be used for the time being.…

Dallas Residents Can Have Groceries Delivered By Drone From Today

Groceries delivered by drone for Dallas residents starting today

Residents of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, can have their groceries delivered by drone from drugstore chain Walgreens starting today. To this end, Walgreens has partnered with Google’s sister company, Wing. It is the first time Wing will offer its drone delivery…

Mars Drone Makes Most Complex Flight To Date

Mars drone makes most complex flight to date

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars drone made its most complex drone flight yet over the surface of the red planet on Sunday. The space agency reported this on Twitter. During the Mars drone flight, ten different waypoints were visited. A record height…