Dji Air 3 Leak Excites Drone Enthusiasts 1

DJI Air 3 Leak Excites Drone Enthusiasts

A snapshot of the upcoming DJI Air 3‘s retail package has surfaced online, giving drone enthusiasts a sneak peek at what’s coming. Shared by the prominent leaker DealsDrone on Twitter, the photo showcases the DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo…

Youthful Rebellion Against Dji'S Drone Dilemma 2

Youthful Rebellion Against DJI’s Drone Dilemma

In the dead of night last Sunday, the socialist youth group ROOD Rotterdam (Red Rotterdam) staged a protest outside the office of DJI Europe BV in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Their mission? To denounce the drone deliveries from DJI to Russia,…

Transforming Midland: Public Safety Ascends With Drones 3

Transforming Midland: Public Safety Ascends with Drones

In a remarkable display of the technological advancements impacting local services, the Midland Fire Department showcased its new fleet of drones, including Chinese Autel Robotics drones, to the Midland City Council members in a special meeting held Monday evening at…

Montana'S Bold Move Against Wildfire Drone Disruptions - House Approves Legislation To Study Drone Incursions On Fighting Wildfires

Montana’s Bold Move against Wildfire Drone Disruptions

Personal drone enthusiasts who’ve considered capturing wildfires from above should think twice, especially in Montana. This week, Governor Greg Gianforte signed SB 219 into law, joining several other states in criminalizing drone operations that obstruct aerial Wildfire suppression. The freshly…

Mars Drone Makes Most Complex Flight To Date

Mars drone makes most complex flight to date

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars drone made its most complex drone flight yet over the surface of the red planet on Sunday. The space agency reported this on Twitter. During the Mars drone flight, ten different waypoints were visited. A record height…

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